Thursday, July 12, 2007

Einr dbivd

The title of this post is what happened when I tried to type wine snobs but was one key off on both hands. Very funny. It could be a new language.

Wine snobs isn't exactly the phrase I was looking for anyway. Regis and I went to Mankato so he could get a hair cut tonight. We were a little early so we popped into a little wine shop by Aveda. You know the one I mean. Some very ordinary and friendly people used to own it and we liked going there because they didn't make fun of us for buying wine because we liked the name (Cote de Bone Rhone) or the label (Fat Bastard). Apparently those people are gone and the new people are quite obsequious and pretentious. They were "tasting" pink wines tonight. Tasting means we were doing the sipping but they used it like this: We're tasting pink wines tonight. I put this in a category with waiters saying to me that they will be "taking care of me" tonight. I don't think so, pal. Just bring the food and drink. So as we're tasting the pink wines, they are spouting off this insipid crap like, "This one is characteristic of tempranillo if you're familiar with that." It's a Spanish grape...I had to ask...not being familiar with it. Here are some more quotes: "This one has a peach nose." "There's a overtone of cinnamon and lilac." "The flavor of this one doesn't match the nose." All of this while glancing at their notes which makes one think this is really not knowledge they personally have of grapes and nose. I finally had to ask, "Have you seen Sideways?" Regis gave me a dirty look but I'm not kidding, it was an appropriate question. We tried the wine, looked around a bit, then got the hell out of there. Too much hoity toity for my taste. I like MGM, where they say, "Now here's a nice box of wine."

I did a google search (God bless the google) and found this hilarious website called The Funny Pages Guide to Wine Tasting. One of the lines they recommend is "Why, this has a blackberry and cassis flavor. And do I detect a hint of hung game?"

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