Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Driving class

The safe driving class wasn't so bad. It was a far cry from 8 hours (thankfully) and was even interesting at times. Your chances of having an accident go up as you get older so I guess it's worthwhile. Regis and I signed up to be volunteer safe driving teachers so any of you old farts reading this can take it from us in the future. alternative that I just now learned can take the course online in the comfort of your own home. It costs the same and you get the same certificate for a discount on your car insurance. Click here to find out about it.

I planted my new coneflowers and coleus today. It was a perfect day to work in the temp, nice breeze, no bugs. I started splitting some of my older perennials like the stella de oro daylily. That thing is supposed to bloom all summer but I'm lucky to get a week's worth of flowers. When I dug it up, there must have been a hundred of those little bulbs in the hole. I split it into three plants and that meant Ozymandias (a piece of yard art that froze and collapsed and lost it's head and arms) had to go. I think I posted the poem here before but if you don't remember, it's here. (What did blog writers do before hyperlinks?)

Peter's wrist surgery went fine. It took less time than the doctor anticipated so we were home by noon. I talked to him tonight and he said the pain is manageable and he's been sleeping a lot. Bet he loves that. I think he liked all those young nurses fawning over him at the surgery center, too. I tried to get him to come home and stay with us for a few days so his mama could take care of him but he didn't want any part of that.

That's all I have to report.

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