Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Juvenile delinquents of the bird world

I put up a nice platform feeder for the cardinal on Sunday. So far, the cardinal has been there once and other times it is invaded by the delinquents of the bird world, the beady-eyed grackles. They have also found the bird bath. Grackles are not capable of taking a nice gentle bath and leaving it clean for the next bird. They make such a ruckus that the water is almost gone and they have the disgusting habit of pooping while they're in there. Not fun to clean up. Another little piker who found the cardinal feeder right away is a huge squirrel. I think I'll leave it empty until winter when these guys are gone.

I forgot to post these pictures of the weekend we went to Mom's to celebrate her birthday with Deb and Larry. The top picture is Deb, Mom, me, Regis. The bottom one is us on our way home in the Beetle.

I went out to do errands today at noon. I took myself out to lunch at Whiskey River, watched the birds for a while, then went to the hardware stores to look at paint for the back entryway of our house, which I'm sure hasn't been painted since the house was built in the 50's.

As usual, I was attracted to the bright colors. I was commiserating about that and trying to pick out a tamer color (social pressure) when one old grizzled guy who helped me said I should pick out what I like and if the next people don't like it, they can paint over it. I liked his attitude so I picked out a color called Yellow Brick Road. (I told Tiffany about the color and she said I'll have to keep the kitchen door closed.)

There are hundreds of colors with names like Downy Chick and Sunnyside Up and Arapaho and Raven's Rage...why would you buy a color called Off White or Pale Tan? The picture shows Yellow Brick Road on the walls and a color similar to my cupboards on the ceiling. (I'm not painting my walls yellow and ceiling red!) See? Beautiful! Sunflower colors!


Anonymous said...

I'd say that Yellow Brick Road is similar to the paint color we have in our living room and hallways.Very similar. When I hired the painters to paint for us (one of those fits of "We'll never get it done if we wait to do it ourselves."), one guy looked at the paint color and said, "You really want this color? And you want it on all the walls?" A real vote of confidence. I like your choice!

deb said...

I have yellow --maybe not quite that color -- all through my house. We just repainted and chose the same color. It IS awfully bright when the sun comes in but I think it will look nice in your kitchen. When we bought the joint, the seller said people either love the color or they hate -- no inbetween.

And, my accent walls are a dark cherry red.

You would know these things if you visited. :)