Sunday, July 01, 2007


This dude carved a 700-pound block of Land-O-Lakes cheese into a replica of Mount Rushmore. If you want more details than that, you'll have to google it yourself. I thought this was more than a guy needed to know. News of the weird for July 1st, I guess.

We motored to Canby yesterday afternoon. My cousin Deb and her husband Larry came from Phoenix to help us celebrate Mom's 77th birthday. We had a little wine, some brats on the grill, and a lot of laughs. We watched the finches and Orioles at the feeder. The adults feed grape jelly to the babies by transferring it from their beaks to the baby beaks. Most of the babies were about as big as the adults so maybe it's time those big oafs learn to suck that grape jelly themselves.

We mowed off the tall grass when we got home. We don't believe in lawn watering, only dormancy, so our yard looks pitiful in July. Unlike the neighbor's which looks like a putting green. Sometimes at night I sneak over there and walk barefoot on his grass. It's very nice but I don't want to pay his water bill and I think he has a giant carbon footprint which is not good.

Not much else to report.

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