Monday, July 23, 2007

Bloody hot

The temperature is 88 and the humidity is 78%. That's dang uncomfortable. Even the birds are sweating. It looks like rain but I guess that is just the nasty air trapped here by the humidity. No rain on the radar. It makes a guy pretty lethargic. I did the dishes today and stopped at the store. That's the sum total of my productivity aside from my job. Not much to brag about.

The finches have gone through half a bird feeder's worth of safflower seed already. I think they have to go on a diet. That's about two bucks a day. Can't they learn to forage in the woods like birds used to do before Petco and Bird World?

Mom suggested I call the DNR next time I find a dead bird. It could be a bad sign. I pointed out a dead bird to the man behind the counter at the Post Office one day and he looked at me like I was made of green cheese. I said it might have bird flu or West Nile virus. He couldn't muster any concern at all.

These are the dog days of summer. I dread work and the start of another school year. I told the special ed director today that I think that's how people move toward retirement; they just lose interest a little more each year and finally they stop showing up at school. You get more and more cynical about the new things, less and less interested in the current campaign, and less and less enthusiastic about all the BS. Time to hang it up.

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Anonymous said...

I think birds that die near the post office are immune from examination. It's because they are public servants by association.