Sunday, July 08, 2007


Ella's Poppop celebrated his 55th birthday yesterday. We had a good time as always and lots of good food. Ella liked being in the kitchen with me and hung on the back of my shirt as I moved around. When I opened the refrigerator, she plunged her little hand into the martini pitcher. It's ok, she washed it off in the dog dish.

I told Emily I get tired of making cheese potatoes so yesterday I fiddled around all day with pickled vegetables and pretty white dishes. I saw an article in a magazine in the doctor's office the other day...the new relish tray. I got a couple of white serving dishes at Gordmans and bought a couple kinds of pickles...peppers, baby corn, artichoke hearts. This was not popular with some of the males in the family but the rest of us enjoyed it.

It was hot today but not as humid as yesterday. I went outside about 5:30 to move some lawn chairs to the garage and by the time I got there, a big wind was swirling around the temperature was plummeting. We had a downpour for a short time and then a steady rain for maybe twenty minutes.

Kathy and Harvey went with me to Minneapolis today to pick up some of Tiffany's things. She's moving back to Mankato the end of the month. Her third floor apartment has no air conditioning and I could feel the sweat drip off my hair onto my back. On the way home we talked about how spoiled we've gotten with AC. Years ago, nobody had it in their homes or their cars and apparently we did fine.

This morning I watched two birds take a bath in the birdbath I set up under the tree. All the years I had it in the other spot, I never saw a bird in it. There was one robin in the water and another waiting patiently at the side. A leaf from the birch tree fell into the water and the robin in the bath picked it up with his beak, turned and dropped it over the edge onto the grass. What a tidy bird. You wouldn't think a bird would care about that.

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