Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Air you can wear

One of the local weather folks said that and it seems apropos today. (I looked apropos up on m-w.com and it seems like I used it correctly. I was unsure, not being bi-lingual.) The temperature is 86 and the dew point is 75. That's dang humid.

Kramer and I are inside in the AC tonight while Regis attends Transformers with the men from the neighborhood. They said it was a mandate...or a man date. Not sure which. When they talked about going, all the women wrinkled their noses.

I have a terrible hunger for Special K bars. I swear I can almost taste them. It must be like a olfactory hallucination unless their is a name for an hallucination related to taste. Doctors in the audience? Peter has to go to the orthopedic doc tomorrow to have his wrist checked and to have a cast put on his owie. I'll ask there. Peter will be mortified. I called him this morning at 9 to tell him it was a really bad idea to move to a place in the country. I added the disclaimer that he probably didn't want my advice and I knew that. He was incredulous. "You called me at 9 o'clock in the morning to tell me that?" I'm not sure he was more surprised by the fact that I called at that hour or that apparently I had been thinking about it overnight.

Regis gave me one of his RX allergy pills last night (felony) and that did the trick. Headache...gone. Post-nasal drip...gone. Fuzzy head...gone. Better living through chemicals.

I discovered a nice white wine at MGM, not the high-falutin' whine shop in Mankato. It's a sauvignon blanc and it's very tasty. By a company called Barefoot Cellars. Very cheap, too, at less than six bucks a bottle. They claim more gold medals than any other wine in their price category! and NEW UPSCALE IMAGE! Well, there's something to brag about, I guess. Maybe it's Boone's Farm in a new bottle. Oh horrors.

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deb said...

Did you mean Special K bars? Mr. Butler made some at the cabin in Siren and they were wonderful. Always a very popular item....even breakfast since they ARE cereal.

Peter is moving to the country?