Thursday, July 26, 2007

Air you can shower in

It's so humid here today that you can't even really tell it's raining. By my rain gauge, we've had about .4 inches of rain. Not much, but it helps. Our friend who raises cows says that he's having to buy grain and other stuff for the cows to eat because the pasture grass is gone. I don't imagine the cows like eating that crunchy brown stuff anyway.

I stopped putting safflower seed in the bird feeder a few days ago because they were going through it so fast. Tonight there are four little birds lined up on each side, picking at the meager leavings in the troughs. It's pathetic. It reminds me of the scene from Oliver where all the boys are lined up for their bowls of gruel. I guess I'll have to fill it up tomorrow. It's like wildlife land out there. Today there were two rabbits, two fat squirrels, an oriole, a cardinal, and the usual mob of finches. The grackles seem to have moved on for now.

The rain continues to fall. Regis and I keep checking radar...accuweather, weather underground, and the Trib. What did people do when they couldn't check the internet for weather conditions?


Anonymous said...

I suppose they stood out in their fields and said "It looks like it might rain." :) Joanne

deb said...

Out in the desert, we're getting wierd rain. Three inches of what the weather man called a "pour down" in some areas. I think it's so dry that the earth just sucks it up. There's a puddle here or there but no big gully-washers.