Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The universe seeks balance

I went over to Mankato this afternoon to have lunch with my son, Peter, and to help him fill out his re-application for Minnesota Care insurance. Here are the things I am marveling at:
  • Peter calls me at 1:45, fifteen minutes before I am to pick him up at work. He and Jake were thinking that since Jake's mom is coming down to Subway, too, the four of us could have lunch together. Only if you have had a sullen teen-age son will you see the irony in this.
  • Jake's mom and I visit for a while at Subway. When the boys are done working and come over to visit with us, someone behind the counter says, "Wow, you guys look like your moms!" And they chuckle instead of pawing the ground, snorting and walking out the door.
  • Jake's mom says Peter is so polite and respectful and helpful when he's at their house. He says, "I think I learned that from you, Mom."
  • We have lunch and Peter talks about things from his adolescence that were difficult. He says he thinks he learned a lot from those things and they made him a different person. Ok, what have the aliens done with my son?
  • I open the envelope containing the insurance application. He takes it, asks for a pen, and fills it out himself. He's brought copies of his pay stubs for the last six weeks which we need to send along.
  • Peter says he called Minnesota Care on Tuesday and will call again on Thursday to make sure everything is ok with his application.
  • Peter agrees, happily, to come to a family wedding the end of August.
  • Peter asks about his sister, expresses some dismay about her behavior, then says, "Well, it's out of your hands." Peter being philosophical?
  • Peter worries aloud about the surgery on his wrist July 9th and wonders how he will manage to move to a different apartment the end of the month with his wrist in a splint. Planning ahead? Can it be true?
There's more but this is enough to give you the idea. It brought tears to my eyes, let me tell you. There's hope. Always hope. It perches in your soul and comes fluttering out just when you need it most.

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