Friday, June 22, 2007

This week had better be over

I finally made it out of work about 12:30, picked up the dog at the groomer and came home. I decided to go the liquor store before I changed my clothes. I met the nicest young man who knew a lot about beer and filled my cart. I am a salesman's dream. I told him we wanted to try interesting beers and the next thing I knew, I'd spent a lot of money on beer and given away our two excess tickets to Brew Fest. It reminded me of the Kirby Vacuum Cleaner caper.

When I got home, I was hot so I put on my pink pajamas with the yellow rubber ducks. Then I remembered that I wanted to cut some flowers for the spare bedroom but I thought I could sneak out to the garden fast and do it without putting clothes back on. So I'm out there in my pink pajamas and bare feet cutting sunflowers and the mailman comes up the sidewalk. I made a beeline for the house and didn't even make eye contact as I didn't think there was any reason to embarass him with an explanation. It was probably way more than the guy wanted to deal with at 2 o'clock in the afternoon. Regis is horrified when I go outside in my nightgown or robe. I guess this is why.

We're going to the Brew Fest tonight, Jane and Dick are arriving about midnight, and we're going back to the Brew Fest tomorrow. I'll be back with the stories on Sunday.

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