Sunday, June 03, 2007

My family gathered at Lake Reno near Glenwood this weekend. Mom hosted the event, we filled four large cabins, and people came from as far away as Ohio. This is most, but not nearly all of us. The newest member of the family is Ezra, 4-months old. His mama, Michelle, is right next to him.

We always loved having a fire on the beach when Mom and Dad had their cabin. Even though the weather this weekend was unpredicatable and there were a few heavy rain showers, the evening was gorgeous and we got to have a fire and roast marshmallows. In this picture: Tiernen, Jason (Nicole's boyfriend), Nicole, Jody, and Rachel on Helen's lap.
This is Dave's family: David and Joan, Tiernen and Jeremy. The photogenic dog is Champ. Doesn't she look happy to have her picture taken?
This is Bruce and Jody's family. Cybil and Shawn (not pictured) came from Ohio. The little girls are Evynne and Darby.
These are old friends, the Anderts. They were neighbors of ours in Canby when we first moved there when I was in second grade. They're like family and can tell as many stories about us as we can. They drove over from Villard for the afternoon.
This is Pat and his daughter Rachel. Where's Helen? We missed amanda, too, who is in Chile studying (could be she's studying wine, we're not completely sure).
Regis always brings cigars for the men. He's also the reunion archivist so he takes hundreds of pictures of the event...some planned and some candid.
This game which goes by Goofy Golf, Polish Golf, Norwegian Golf and probably a few others, was popular with everyone. It looks a lot easier than it is. You can buy it at Target...this was home-made with PVC pipe and golf balls.
Steve and his boys: Duncan, Ian, and Caleb. Ezra and Michelle are in the picture at the top. Nicole is holding Ezra.

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