Sunday, June 24, 2007

Fun with Dick and Jane

A weekend of debauchery. At least as much debauchery as old people can muster. We went to the Brew Fest Friday night with Tom and Betty which was fun, but crowded, loud, and stimulating. We saw Reverend Raven and the Chain Smokin' Altar Boys and we enjoyed them. We loved Lamont Cranston, a midwest blues band that's been around since we were all young. The big act, the Guess Who was marginal and we left after three songs. We went to McGuff's Irish Pub and had a pint of beer served in a plastic cup. Blasphemy.

Yesterday, the party bus (piloted by Bob with co-pilot Young Regis) picked us up at 3:30. We headed to the Brew Fest where the crowds were much lighter and we had a table in the shade. Let's just say we sampled many beers. In general we liked the old favorites, Finnegans and Schells' Dark and Boulevard Wheat. We also liked the classic Kato beer. We weren't fond of the sweet drinks, the hard cider and the flavored beer. We're purists when it comes to beer.

We had a great time watching the crowd. None of us are fashion mavens but I tell you what. The What Not to Wear folks would have a heyday at this event: old women in plunging necklines and short shorts, shirtless men who should not be shirtless in public, lumpy folks in tight clothes. John Gorka says what's pleasant in the darkness is plain scary in the light.

Our pilot and co-pilot provided an interesting ride. The van has almost two hundred thousand miles on it which makes for a few holes in the floor, not the best suspension, and a feeling like being propelled down the road in a tin can. It has no AC so the windows are open and your hair blows straight up. They played music of the day, lots of Guess Who and classic rock, and tried their best to rile up the old people. They looked like the Blues Brothers. Reg would jump out and open the door for us at all stops. It added to the adventure and the fun.

We ended the day at Betty and Tom's for dinner. Tom made rice pilaf and I made chicken wings and ribs. A fine ending to a great weekend.

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Anonymous said...

Did you get any of your adventure on videotape? It would make a great documentary!