Sunday, June 17, 2007

Father's Day

Regis and his boys. We had a nice ham sandwiches, potato salad, beans, and Buster Bar dessert. We walked around the garden for a while after dinner but it was pretty steamy and the rain was starting so we went back into the AC. Ella was entertaining. She ran back and forth from living room to kitchen, carrying purses, much of the evening. We sang The Wheels on the Bus before she went home. It's her favorite song.

Since we celebrated Father's Day last night, today we are going to the most manly place in the world: Menards. We need a couple pieces of hardware: something for the toilet, a switch for my bedside lamp, and probably some kind of spray foam. Some fun.


We went to Home Depot where they apparently do not believe in air conditioning. I thought I was going to have a heat stroke back in the lighting section. We couldn't settle on a ceiling fan and couldn't find a shower curtain so we went to the other man store, Menards. They had everthing we needed, then some.

We stopped at B&N where we each found a few books, of course. I had ordered Out Stealing Horses by Per Petterson. The webpage says:
An early morning adventure out stealing horses leads to the tragic death of one boy and a resulting lifetime of guilt and isolation for his friend, in this moving tale about the painful loss of innocence and of traditional ways of life gone forever. It's translated from Norwegian. We found a few books on the "buy two get one free table" and Regis found a couple of remaindered books. We're set.

We went to Mazatlan for lunch. It advertises as authentic Mexican food and there are lots of ethnic folks who eat there, unlike the other Mexican places so that says something. We asked about the cheese which was delicious and the waitress said it's like mozzarella, but Regis googled it and found this:
Queso oaxaca:
Also known as quesillo, this is by far the most popular cheese for making quesadillas. It is a stretched curd cheese, kneaded and wound into balls. It should be pulled apart into thin strings before using to fill tortillas or melted on cooked food.
I had two margaritas with my lunch and had to take a nap when I got home. What a surprise. Regis has been buzzing around fixing the toilet, hanging the shower curtain, putting the new switch in the lamp...and I am lying on the couch reading a book. We also bought Kramer a few new toys at Pet Expo. He couldn't have toys when Bert was alive because Bert hogged them and they would fight. Now he has a football, a stuff squeaky bone, an orange dumb bell, and a big stuffed ball.

Back to the salt mines tomorrow. Damn lottery tickets.

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