Thursday, June 28, 2007

Almost July

Here's a puzzle for you. When I was a kid my dad would sneak my brothers across the border into South Dakota to buy fireworks. We lived in the country so it wasn't a big deal to blow them off because the local sheriff was in town. It still scared me witless; they were so careless with them. Now I think there are four big, white tents in town selling fireworks. Is it the same stuff they used to sell in South Dakota? Why aren't people worried about those tents exploding? I don't even like to drive by them.

Regis is watching Letters from Iwo Jima and I'm pretending to watch. It's way too sad for me and there is (obviously) too much shooting and blowing things up. That's typical in war movies, I know, and probably explains why I don't like them. The music and the focus on the faces of the young Japanese soldiers make for very poignant scenes. Parts of it are in black and white which also adds to the drama. I prefer to not know about things like this.

Well, there's two things I don't like and prefer to ignore. I know there are more and most of them occur on the news. I've probably mentioned before that I started boycotting the television news when OJ Simpson killed his wife. That was the most disgusting spectacle I had ever seen and I decided I could live a rich and happy life without knowing about heinous crime and insipid criminals. So far, it's worked out. When there is a huge catastrophe like Hurricane Katrina or 9-11, I watch the news and can feel myself entering a dark vortex. It can't be healthy.

I wish I could think of something funny but I can't. I've checked out the blogs I read pictures of Callum with a bowl of noodles on his head, no baby goats escaping into the blackberry shrubs, no marathon runners with poop stained pants. It's a dismal scene today folks. Better luck tomorrow.

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