Tuesday, May 22, 2007


It feels funny to be going back to normal blogging after Bert's passing but I guess it has to be. We got a lovely card from the vet's office today. Terri, Bert's favorite vet tech wrote a note about Bert. She was always very sweet to Bert, even when he was at his worst. We're waiting for his ashes to come back and then he'll be dispersed into the garden and the yard where he almost caught that last rabbit.

It was a long day at work. I voted to cook on the grill tonight since the next few days look like rain. We got the coals going, then the rain started. It didn't rain long though, so Emily and Ella walked over with the stroller. Ella and her Boppop played catch with a rubber ball. She gets such a kick out of that...claps everytime she catches it. We finished dinner on the grill...giant shrimp from the truck, big old portabella mushrooms, Yukon gold potatoes, Vidalia onions, and pineapple. The best part was a slab of herb focaccia bread that I buttered and grilled. It was wonderful.

I've enjoyed driving my Beetle except the robber control (security alarm) seems to go off for no reason. It's very embarassing. The first time I jumped out and walked away quickly like I would be accused of stealing it myself. I wonder what those alarms are supposed to do. Nobody pays much attention except the person who set it off. The car has a great radio and a great air conditioner which are the only two things I really care about. It does kick some butt which Regis likes. When you give it some gas, it almost rears up on its back wheels and peels out leaving a puff of smoke like the old cartoon cars. I don't make it do that very often.

We've been two weeks without television and we haven't really missed it. I watched Grey's Anatomy on my computer last week and we have a movie from Netflix, but otherwise we have been tv-less. Of course, this is the time of year we never watched much anyway. We might miss it on those long dark winter nights.

I'm reading a very good book called The History of Love. I just finished The Long Way Round which I might have written about before because it got a little tedious. I thought these dudes were going around the world alone but they had an entourage to bail them out whenever things got too bad. They did have some adventures (lots of people in Russia with guns and vodka) but it wasn't what I expected.

The end of the school year always leaves me with about one nerve left. Today I packed off a big package that contained our corrective action plan for our last due process compliance monitoring. It's not my best gig...lots of numers with decimal points, lots of dates, lots of detail. It was a good feeling to be done with it. Tomorrow I'm going to another district to see a program they have but this time of year it's hard to care enough about anything to act interested and ask intelligent questions. Maybe that will come back to me overnight.

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