Tuesday, May 08, 2007

True Spring

I came home right after school let out (or right after the children were dismissed) and raked the sticks off the yard. We had high winds on Sunday and they (it?) left a mess on the front yard. My neighbor Julie was out seeding spots on her lawn and she brought over some rhubarb. After I raked, we had a glass of wine, I made a pie, then Regis mowed the grass for the first time. Paul brought grilled chicken. grilled foccacia bread, and asparagus. Ah, spring.

One of my favorite goats to read about, Herron Hill's April the First died Sunday. Very sad. I love the blog This Goat's Life and learned about April there. The farmer said April was the sweetest most ornery goat in the world, smart as a whip and crazy as a bedbug.

Don't forget to check out the titan arum (corpse flower) on the Gustavus website. There are three of these funky flowers blooming in the US simultaneously. Or almost simultaneously.

I have a fern-leaf peony in my garden that's been a survivor of almost ten years. I got it from Mom's garden on the farm and transplanted it here on the south side of the house. It sat there for several years, not growing and not blooming. I was ready to get rid of it when I moved it to the west side of the house instead. It sat there for several years, not growing and not blooming. One day I grabbed ahold of it to pull it out and noticed it had a root like a carrot. I remembered Mom saying not to plant it too deep so I left it about half-way out the ground and covered it again with dirt. Now it has one big red bud on it and if the rabbits don't get it, it will have a flower soon. That's a long wait...not as long as for the titan arum but still a long wait.

I finished the book called The Last Season. It's the story of Randy Morgenson, a ranger in the Sierra Nevada mountain range who disappeared under mysterious circumstances. It was interesting but I was ready for it to end. I can't imagine going out into the wilderness for days at a time carrying everything you need in a backpack. People who are not afraid to do things like that have different brains than people like me.

We're watching Twister and the sky is getting blacker and blacker outside the windows...right here where we live. This may not be a good idea.

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