Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Ranting by Regis

Please make note of our new email addresses. The old ones will be disconnected in about a week.

An email address is like a home address and we've gotten comfortable with hickorytec.net in the past few years so it's a bit disconcerting to change it just as it would a bit unsettling to move.
We've grown weary of being manipulated by the cable companies. In order to have DSL you must have a phone and in order to get this amazing "bundled rate" you need to have cable TV. The bill for all this is 100 dollars a month? Stack this on top of a hefty cell phone bill and a little light bulb goes off in a guy's head that says, "NOW JUST A SECOND HERE!" I know that this will sound old and grumpy but I remember when my phone bill was about 8 bucks a month, and no, the phone didn't have a hand crank for calling the operator.

Hickorytech, our provider (sounds deity-like), when contacted about the possibility of carrying internet only said "no, can't do it" and when I told them that I would seek service elsewhere their attitude was that "this is a choice which you'll have to make." So there you go. The arrogant bastards could have had a part of something but now have 100% of nothing.

Mediacom, the new guys, connected the cable internet hookup last night. The speeds are a bit better and we're happy. We're also happy to have ditched the house phone. Would it surprise anyone that all we get anymore are spam calls looking for donations or pleas to Help The Handicapped Goats of Botswana? We have also dumped the TV. The programming on television has degenerated into such a state with this reality TV tripe that it insults the intelligence of any reasonable person. Did I really see an ad for a new show that incorporates destructive and disruptive stunts into weddings? This has to be a guy-thing and I want to be the first to tell the guys that whoever came to you with that simple stunt should be fitted with concrete shoes because your Mrs may forgive; but she will never forget.

Ok, I am finished ranting. You get the picture and don't forget to update the email addresses.

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