Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day

Bob, Ella, and Reg came over with a bouquet of tulips for Mother's Day. Ella sat in the swing for a while, looked at all the yard art (the frog was her favorite) and played with my shoes. See the next picture. She also picked the fern-leaf peony flower (that took ten years to cultivate) when we weren't looking...a handful of red petals. I suppose it was just too good to be true..right at her level and about baby-hand size. It was pretty dried up anyway in the 90 degree heat and wind. I suggested they not take Ella to see the corpse flower which is very rare and in bloom now and is expected to draw thousands of lookers.
She can count to four (when I ask her how old she is and then say "one", she laughs and says "two") and says a bunch of words like frog, button, swing, fish, juice, and almost anythng else you say which means you have to be careful with the cuss words.
Here are the men looking suave and debonair. They were cute pushing the baby in the stroller with a bouquet of tulips in the back. Too bad they're both taken...that would have been a real chick magnet.

It got up to 90 degrees today which I hate. We're back to the windows and doors closed and it's even too hot to be on the porch. Might as well be winter. The little plants I transplanted yesterday are looking pretty droopy. I'll go out and water them when it cools off but I'm not optimistic.

Regis rigged up a container for grape jelly so we can attract Orioles to our garden. I saw a female in the backyard this afternoon. We've had so many interesting birds... I think the absence of the neighborhood cat has made a difference. I think I'll put the hummingbird feeders out again.

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