Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Gardening in the rain

I drove home from work in a downpour. On the way home, I decided that I would plant a few of the perrenials I bought over the weekend so they didn't have to sit in the hot sun all weekend. I didn't think I'd get too dirty so I didn't change my clothes. I planted the astilbe, the lobelia, and a couple of cardinal flowers and by then I was so muddy I didn't mind that it started to rain again. I finished up with the herbs, the tomatoes, a few peppers...and my new grass:This is the Shenandoah Switch Grass. It gets red in the fall. I love grasses. I had several plants a few years ago but had to sacrifice them when the pampas grass (miscanthus) got out of hand. They're beautiful in the winter, too. I decided to go with only green this annual flowers....just herbs and grass. Last year was a hosta year.

I should plant my whole yard in perennial grass...the kind you don't have to mow. My neighbors would probably get up a petition to throw us out. They aren't much for the wild, random look of my yard. They're more into plastic edging and rocks.

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