Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Bye-bye truck

A young kid called tonight and wanted to come look at it about 9:30. He shows up, looks it over in the dark, asks some questions, takes it for a spin with his buddy, watches while Regis shows him how to use the iPod thing in the glove box, and says he'll take it. That's my kind of buyer. We gave him a really good deal because of the timing belt thing and because he's young and earnest. Of course, now I'll worry about him in the winter. He wanted to know if it starts in cold weather. Yeah, it starts, you just can't go anywhere. Regis said the kid was shaking and almost in tears when he shook his hand to seal the deal. He wanted that little black truck in the worst way.

Regis found a VW Beetle in the paper that I'd like to buy. It has heated seats and a moon roof. I didn't ask about the rubber.

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