Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Buyer's remorse

I walk into the media center this afternoon and my friend Tom, who's been the tough customer on the truck, lays a pile of cash money down in front of me. My jaw drops. He says he'll give me this much and it's a deal. I tell him about Trent, and of course, I feel terrible for selling my truck out from under him. I also tell him that I worry about Trent driving the truck to Ely with the bad tires and old timing belt. He laughs but I can tell he's thinking man thoughts like oh good grief and he's making that circular motion with his finger by his ear while rolling his eyes. I couldn't see any of this but I'm sure it's true.

When I get home, I find that Trent left a message this morning at 7:40 a.m. He is still planning to come and look at the truck on Friday but if we get a better offer he doesn't want us to hold it for him. What in the hell does that mean? Probably that he got home, told his dad he bought a cool truck with an iPod adaptor that he only saw in the dark, and...what do you know...he changed his mind.

So I call Tom back but he's out mowing the lawn. This is way more work and discussion about vehicles than I care to have. A person ought to be able to buy a car or sell a car like you buy and sell bags of vegetables or old television sets. This is not a deal for a lifetime. This is a thing with wheels that will get you places for a few years at most. It doesn't deserve this much attention.

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