Saturday, April 07, 2007

What we did on Saturday...

We bought a new ceiling fan for the bedroom last weekend and spent a good share of today installing it. I probably shouldn't say we because it was mostly Regis. I held the screwdriver and the fan blades and did that sort of thing. Gopher jobs. I like the fan. Looks better than the one with skateboard stickers. I told Regis I woke up in the night worried that it would fall on us...this was before it was installed. He made sure to put a couple extra screws in it to make sure it wouldn't fall out of the ceiling.

We also cleaned the fish tank. We bought new guppies Thursday night and Ella likes to watch them so we wanted the glass to be clean when she comes tomorrow. We have lots of new fish lately, cheap and prolific fish because it seems like the more we spend the shorter the life span. That's one of our older fish in the picture. He's a rosy barb but he's pretty pale now because he's old. I like the guppies and sword tails because they come in gypsy colors. I'd love to have a saltwater tank if it weren't so much work of a detailed nature. The fish are beautiful.

I did some cooking today...Cuban bread, Easter cut-out cookies, and sloppy joe stuff. We might wait to frost the cookies until Tiff comes home later from a movie with her dad. Then we'll take a picture of the cookies. I decided to make this a more relaxed holiday but I'm still cooking like crazy...the cleaning is what I gave up. : )

Another project we did was to color two dozen eggs. I bought a package of color that required plastic gloves and promised the eggs would be "marbled". The colors are vivid but I'm kind of a fan of the old-fashioned color that requires vinegar and little colored tablets.

We had dinner and listened to Prairie Home Companion. Nice way to end a weekend.

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