Sunday, April 29, 2007

Too tired...

I'm too tired to post much tonight. We went to Canby yesterday and spent the day with my sweet Mom. We cooked on the grill and then went to the Leo Kottke concert in Marshall...the tickets were a Christmas present. We loved leo, as usual, and the theater in Marshall is beautiful. We were up until midnight which is unusual for us, and awake early this morning. We sat on the deck and watched George chase squirrels and robins out of the yard, then left for home about 10:30. As soon as we got home, I changed into garden shoes and went out to work in the yard. I cleaned a truck load of leaves and dead plants out then Regis helped me load it into the truck and take it to the compost pile. I'm about half done. It looks like most things survived...maybe the cheddar pinks are going to be spindly and ugly so they might get crossed off the list. I don't like plants you have to baby. I have to take the Round-Up to the artemisia because it's spreading everywhere. At least it won't be as hard to get rid of as the pampas grass. It will be a busy week. Regis starts his new job tomorrow, I have a couple after-work meetings, we're having a garage sale on Saturday and we're going to see Dean McGraw at the Bothy on Friday night.

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