Thursday, April 05, 2007

Thursday but kind of like Friday

It's the last day of the work week for both of us. It's a good thing it's the end because it's been a hell of a long one. Regis started working from 6-2:30 and just that change of schedule has beaten us up. Then add the bitter cold weather and the wind that kept Bert awake a few nights and you have raw nerves and lack of sleep.

One thing I realize that my regular blog entries have done is make me more aware of the bizarre stories that occur during a normal day. Like this morning, I'm having coffee at Waldo's and this about 50ish man comes in. He's balding with a soul patch and glasses, but the really weird thing is this guy has on a racoon coat. Not a new and stylish one, but one that looks like it came of your grandma's closet. And seriously, with a mink collar. This guy thought he was a stud as he posed and strutted in that moth-eaten coat. He got out of a nice car and was obviously not a derelict or a guy who shops at the thrift store. What is up with this coat?

Another funny thing happened at HyVee. We went over right after school to beat the rush. Right. There were lots of people there and they were getting on my one raw nerve. At the end of the tour, we decided to order Chinese (MOM...IT'S PRETTY GOOD!!!!). While we're standing there, I see Lori, a teacher from St. Peter, start looking at the baby watermelons. She picks one off the rack and they start to tumble down and roll across the floor. She tries to catch them and put them back on top but they keep tumbling off...more and more all the time. Regis goes to help catch watermelons while I summon a helper. They're cracking as they hit the floor and leaving a mess of watermelon juice all over that aisle. Regis and Lori are both trying to catch watermelons...she's embarrassed but doing a great job of catching those melons and lobbing them to the top of the pile. Hahahahahaha. It was a hoot. What's ironic is that Lori and I were in pottery class together. Not a totally successful venture either. Neither of us were very good at the wheel part and clay went flying across the room to smack against the wall at a pretty good rate. I think we both left class with two tiny pots, making the cost about 80 bucks a piece. We know now why pottery is so expensive.

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