Monday, April 30, 2007


We had a rough night with Bert. He woke up about 3 and didn't settle for a long time after that. Regis thinks it's my fault because I gave him water to drink when I got up with him once. That's your major denial, I believe. He's not in pain and he's still active and eating but he is getting closer to circling the drain. Bert, not Regis.

We had a typical stormy spring day today. The first PE class played under sunny skies but an hour later when it was time for the second class to go out, the sky is rumbling like a bowling alley and there's big ass lightening. I like the thunder, more so since Bert has gone deaf. He used to have horrific apoplectic fits and practically tear the house apart when it stormed. One year we got a prescrition for Trazadone which the vet said would likely put him into a deep sleep. It barely slowed him down and we came home a couple times to a room that looked like it had been pillaged. So, HoH (hard of hearing) is better.

It's a good thing I don't have small children in my house anymore because the county would surely be here to issue me a citation. We have no milk, about two pieces of dried up bread, nothing even approaching the makings for a meal. Pitiful. I'm trying to make it to Wednesday when it's more convenient to buy groceries. I could make pancakes and bacon but it's that or dining out.

We found out today that a rare plant, the corpse plant is about to bloom at Gustavus. It's an interesting story and you can read about it here. Here's a link to a webcam where you can watch it bloom. Probably better that you aren't there in person. It's called a corpse plant because it smells like rotting meat. They can get quite tall in the wild...up to 8 feet. There's quite a stir about it at Gustavus so you better take a look.

More about the stormy weather. Margaret Spellings sent every school in the country a weather radio last fall. How nice of her. I guess it's a lovely parting gift before the feds take over your school because you didn't make your AYP. I had to set it up today and man, was that a job. I had to find a window that faces the direction from which the NOAA signal would be coming. Then I had to enter the six-digit NOAA codes for our county and any other county for which I wanted warnings for any number of natural or man-made disasters. I think I did it right but when there were warnings later, the alarm didn't go off at all but it did give a nice verbal report about a warning for Goodhue County. What did I expect? The person who wrote the directions was either not a high school graduate or not a native English speaker. Press enter keys four time to make radio go. Ah, yes. That's probably where I made my mistake.

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