Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Say it isn't so: Is it really only Tuesday?

I wonder if that sentence (title of this post) is punctuated correctly. But really, who cares? the weather here has only gotten worse. The daffodils were rescued yesterday and today, the pansies had to come inside. We don't have the snow they're having up north (like St. Cloud and Alexandria for you non-Minnesotans) but it's about 25 degrees and windy as hell.

I came home and poured a glass of wine. I spent five hours today working on state test crap. We'll probably test fifteen kids and I had to unpack ten boxes. The stuff is numerical but not packed that way so I had to find fifteen-digit numbers on the packing list to make sure it was there and secure. This is probably HoMElanD security in charge of packing, if you know what I mean. Five hours of matching numbers, checking numbers, making lists of kids. I told the district test coordinator I am going to bill the state of Minnesota for my rehab. She said she isn't a drinker and I told her that BS like this is why God invented wine. Write your representative in Congress and see if it isn't true.

Regis got home about three and we relaxed and visited a little...then decided we wanted Ruben dip (recipe below) and pumpernickel rye for dinner. I had everything but the sauerkraut so had to run to the coop. I wasn't sure they would have it...sauerkraut not being a real vegetable. But they did so the menu was complete. We had an interesting conversation about the nature of his current workplace, that being that it sucks pretty bad. He likes the customer service part and enjoys the interesting people and situations...but they have an indentured servitude kind of deal. When the red light is on, indicating that things are really busy and calls are coming like crazy, you have to write your name on a white board so no more than two people can go to the bathroom at a time. I asked if you had to indicate number one or number two after your name. It's ugly. On the other hand, he met a nice woman from Alabama today who was so grateful for his help she blessed his heart and said she'd make him a southern breakfast if he ever came to Birmingham.

Ruben Dip
1.5 cups corned beef chopped fine (You can use Buddig...real is better.)
1 can sauerkraut drained, pressed on papertowels, and chopped
2 cups shredded Swiss cheese
2 cups Hellman's mayo

Bake in casserole dish at 350 degrees for 30 minutes or put in small crock pot. Serve with rye chips or pumpernickel rye bread. Yum-oh as Rachel Ray says.

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