Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A fire in the trash bin

Today was eventful. First of all, I don't want to start a rumor (I almost said an untrue rumor but I was stopped by the Department of Redundancy Department) but I heard today that Scott Anderson of the below mentioned entry might be coming to the Treaty Site History Center. Not too weird since I read the book Canoeing with the Cree for the book club. Still a little ironic.

I just checked the web for Scott Anderson and found this: he died sometime after his trip and the writing of the book. Check this out here.

The big event was our fire. Last night we cooked on the grill. Regis dumped the tray full of ash into our garbage dumpster, not realizing that one of the hot coals escaped into the tray. After dinner, he rolled it down to the street for garbage pick-up day and when I went down to put one last bag in this morning, I opened the lid and WHOOSH...smoke and stench of burning garbage. There were no flames but obviously things had been smoldering...the bags were melty and yellowed and there was an ooze of burned garbage on the surface of the dumpster. I took two watering cans full of water down and doused the trash with it. You know what happens when you pour water on a smoldering fire: you get a big cloud of stinky smoke up in your face. I'm sure I smelled like a dump all day even though my friends at work insisted that I did not. Hard to tell someone, yeah, you do smell like a dump full of burning garbage.

Regis and I spent an hour after work on paperwork. Life insurance details, car insurance, transferring a tax sheltered annuity (I'm not even sure what that is), and COBRA benefits. I loathe that kind of stuff. It's like putting gas in your car...necessary things that you shouldn't have to take time and energy to do. When I win the lottery, I'm going to hire someone to take care of that crap for me. And again...don't ever let an insurance agent tell you this: Oh, no, it isn't hard to transfer all those policies.

The other thing we're dealing with is our internet provider. We have our services bundled, which is a diplomatic way of saying that we have stuff we don't really want like call waiting and 450 channels so they can charge us more. We don't watch much tv and think we can live without it, we rarely use our land phone line so all we really want from them is the DSL service. They won't sell us that alone. They insist we have a phone line even though you don't really need one to have DSL but they can't charge you as much then. There's some competition in town now and they'll sell us DSL without a phone line so we might switch. Why make it easy for telemarketers by having a land line?

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