Monday, April 09, 2007

Easter Sunday

We had a lovely Easter Sunday. All the kids were here for dinner and they stayed into the evening. There was a lot of laughing and a lot of eating so I guess that means we had a fine time. Tiffany was worried that Ella wouldn't remember her...but she did. Ella is fascinated by Peter and always looks from head to toe like she can't believe how tall he is. There are more pictures here on Ella's page and on my mac site.

It was a little chilly in the afternoon but Ella and I went for a walk. I realized after I set her down, that sidewalks were kind of a new concept; she just made a bee-line out across the grass. I'd chase her down, get her going in a different direction, and away she'd go. Finally we got to the sidewalk and she held onto my finger as we walked. She carried on some kind of little conversation and pointed at things from time to time. It was very sweet.

I woke up with Regis this morning to help him get out of the house for work at 6. I made him a ham sandwich and some coffee, then read the Free Press which is a sorry-ass excuse for a newspaper some days, today being one of them. They must be short-staffed on holidays. I hate to go back to bed and waste a vacation day so I think I'll stay awake and do some things. The bedroom is still a mess from the ceiling fan project since we are not the type to finish a job completely like some people are. We seem to run out of gumption or interest...or maybe we're easily distracted. Who knows. Variation in human beings, I guess.

I have friends who say they won't go to bed at night with dirty dishes in the sink. That's never been a worry of mine. In fact, I'll leave them there for several days and not get too concerned. I assume these people are the kind who would finish putting in a ceiling fan and then would put the tools away and make sure the furniture is all back in the right places.

We're expecting snow and rain again tomorrow. (Paul Douglas even said more snow next week.) Holy hell. You should not have to go back to shoes and socks after having worn sandals once. It's cruel.

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