Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Dr. Urban reports on Bert's complicated health issues

Dr. Urban called us back about Bert. Yes, it could be canine cognitive dysfunction, it could be seizure activity that looks different than it has in the past, it could be sensitivity to storms, it could be the diuretic that he takes twice a day. Hard to tell. She didn't recommend any expensive medical diagnostics this time but said we should watch his appetite and activity level which have been fine. This is the dog with the 24 inch vertical jump and the voracious appetite. The last two nights, Bert has slept most of the night and we've come home to dry puppy pads. Maybe he heard me on the phone...

We went out to Whiskey River for a burger and a beer tonight. We ran into Jim and Deb Hughes, old neightbors of mine. We had a good time talking smart and playing the cardboard cocaine (pull-tabs). No big wins but a lot of laughs.

That's all to report tonight.

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