Monday, April 16, 2007

Bert Wins

Last night when we went to the Bothy concert, we pushed chairs up against the fence and piled boxes on the chairs. It looked like the Berlin Wall in our living room. When we came home...guess what...Bert is sleeping on the couch. Today when we left for work, we had pieces of cardboard between the fence and the chairs. That kept him in but it was a little tough getting over it to get out the front door to go to work. Regis stopped at PetCo after work and got the heavier duty and taller fence for more determined dogs. We'll see how long it takes him to scale that. As a last resort, Regis suggested attaching bowling pins to his back legs with bungee cords. That might work. A friend of mine at work suggested invisible fence in the doorways, the stuff that gives a mild shock. That would never work; Bert would think the temporary pain was well worth the comfort of sleeping on the couch.

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