Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Back to winter

We had a day of almost spring-like weather yesterday where it was warm enough to sit in a lawn chair if you were on the south side of the house and protected from the wind. I won't even talk about that 80 degree anamoly from a few weeks ago. Today it's back to 30 degrees, wind chill, and icy precipitation. It's tiresome.

I'll tell you another thing. Having four days off to prance around in polite society makes it hard to go back to a building full of EBD kids. We had to give some inane state tests today which didn't help...it's Dilbert of the education world. I have eleven test-related boxes on a table in my office. Two of them were mailed empty. Empty boxes were sent in the mail. See? It's the pointy haired guy at work. It took me five full hours to sort and check in all the crap in the nine not-empty boxes and will probably take at least another five to pass out the tests, collect them, and prepare them for return shipping. I'd put a picture of Dilbert right here if I weren't afraid of being sued. Hey... do they put you in a white-collar prison if you are convicted of copyright violation? Do they have hot tubs and wine in white-collar prisons?

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