Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Wednesday at Dino's

It's been a very long and stressful week. Regis and I met up in Mankato after haircuts to go to Dino's, our favorite pizza place. From the website: Dino's in North Mankato recreates every detail of a classic New York pizzeria, from checkered red tablecloths and hardwood floors to thin, foldable pizza crusts topped with homemade tomato sauce and freshly grated cheese. Modern innovations like lobster and artichoke find their way onto some of the restaurant's more daring pies, accompanied by a full menu of appetizers, pastas and salads. At the bar, patrons enjoy house wines and premium beer. It was foggy on my way over which scared the liver out of me. I was sure that a big truck would roll past, lose a wheel, and dump a load of steel rods onto the hood of my car...all real possibilities in my closet of anxieties. I ordered a glass of wine at Dino's without looking at the wine list. Big mistake. Eight dollars a glass. I started to cry and couldn't stop but I don't think it was the eight dollars. Could be strung out from work (I won't get started on that...) and the fact that I don't like March and I miss my kids. Tiffany just turned 22 on Sunday. I miss taking her shopping when she'd hold my hand. I miss Easter baskets. I miss picture books and birthday parties. I think it all comes flooding back in March when their birthdays come around. Regis says I should be glad for what I have and I try to be...I try to remember that fog is a blanket for spring flowers and tulips are waiting just beneath the dirt but I'm still sad.

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