Sunday, March 25, 2007

A tiny bit verbose

Ok, I know this is my fourth post of the weekend but I have things to say. It was such a nice weekend, start to finish, except for my whining yesterday. Today was nice enough that we could sit outside for a while. We kept expecting rain but the storms were mostly east of us. I get anxious for spring but forget about all the bad crap that comes with it like thunderstorms and tornadoes. We decided to take a chance on the grill. We made big fat free-range pork chops from the Coop and scallops marinaded in olive oil and lemon juice. We sat on the driveway and did the white trash...and the second white trashy thing of the weekend for us. Hey, if the shoe fits.
I put Jim Harrison's books on my list (to the right and down....see?) but I have to say some more. I finished Returning to Earth this afternoon right before my lovely nap. What a writer. He writes about the UP in Michigan and a family who got wealthy exploiting Indians and the land for timber. I like books with characters that I miss the minute I close the book and these are certainly some of those...Cynthia, David, Polly, K. The book is written in four sections from the perspective of four people from his previous book True North, the start of which will knock you back. Returning to Earth is sort of the denouement of the last book so the whole thing will make more sense if you read True North first. Lovely and powerful writing. Highly recommended.
I saw another neighbor raking today...another one not from here. We should have a sheet of instructions for new Minnesotans. One the same note, Regis said he is nervous about fishing here because he is accustomed to fishing for shad (for what?) in rivers in New Jersey and he's afraid people will look at him askance when he does it the wrong way here. He needs a fishing tutor.

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