Sunday, March 18, 2007

Tiffany's Birthday and St. Patrick's Day Party

Tiffany is 22 years old today. Regis and I are going to Minneapolis to deliver presents and take her out to lunch. This picture was taken the day after she came from Korea to be our baby. She was awake all night...then slept all day.
This picture was taken when Tiffany was two years old. Happy birthday, Tiff!

We had a great turn-out for the party. A few people came before the parade, we had a Guinness to celebrate the day, then went down by Patrick's to watch the parade. There are more pictures ono my mac website. Doesn't Regis look good in his Donegal hat?
Tom Hynes and Betty McGraw were two of the best Irishmen at the party. Tom brought shamrock sunglasses for me and the cool cap for Regis. He taught us how to make a black and tan out of Harp and Guinness with a bent spoon. We couldn't figure out how to make the shamrock pattern in the top of the foam, though.
Joanne dressed in green for the party. Joanne's mom's maiden name was Hennessey but she didn't appreciate her Irish heritage. She said the Irish left Ireland for a good reason.
Here are the holiday cookies. I don't know how many dozen we had to start with but there are four cookies left so we can assume they were a hit. All the food turned out just fine. I was nervous...too many things to come together at the same time. I used two different recipes for the corned beef, but this was my favorite. The cabbage really needs to cook in the juice...and in this case, beer.

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