Friday, March 02, 2007

Snow pictures and more cooking

This one gives a good perspective on the snow. It covers the fence and comes almost to the top of the steps. Regis thinks we got 18 inches and it's still coming down. The blizzard warning has been continued until tomorrow. Regis has two more days to work in Rochester and I have major stress because I know how he drives on good roads and it isn't much better on bad roads. He says it isn't so but I know it is. He's a little bit like Estle that way...everybody behind him is an SOB and everybody in from of him is an A-hole. It makes for very relaxing car trips.

It's hard to see the drift in the front of this picture but it's chest-high. We drove to the top of the hill (St. Peter's in the Minnesota River valley, you may not know, which is supposed to protect us from things like tornadoes.) and it's very unpleasant up there. One lane was drifted almost shut and the other one wasn't good. Visibility was poor.

I've alluded to all of my bad-weather cooking in the past week. The Tribune was soliciting stories about the storm so I sent this. You know I could have sent photos, too.

When a snow storm comes, something draws me to the kitchen. Last Saturday, I made a big beef roast au jus, two loaves of French bread from starter that I made earlier in the week in anticipation of the storm, and a batch of molasses cookies. On Sunday, I made a pot of Ruben soup and a pork roast. Since our kids are grown and it’s just my husband and me at home, we have to find friends willing to brave the storm to help us eat all this food but I don’t seem to learn the lesson. This week, I did the same thing. Friday as the ice and snow started, I made two pounds of hamburger into meatballs with a recipe from Emerill. Then I made a pot of spaghetti sauce. Then chocolate chip cookies and Rice Krispie bars. Today, I have more bread on the counter rising. Tomorrow- more friends, more food, more snow. What could be better?

Regis is in the living room watching The Departed. I knew with the first beating that this was not a movie I would enjoy so I escaped to the kitchen with my glass of wine and my laptop. I don't care how many Academy Awards it won; I like to pretend that kind of thing doesn't exist.

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