Saturday, March 24, 2007

Not according to plan

I hate to be cranky about it but nothing is going according to plan this weekend. Betty and Tom were going to the Bothy with us but they changed their minds, we were going to have breakfast on the porch but Regis changed his mind, and this was supposed to be a warm and sunny day. So who the f changed his mind about THAT? Ha! Right now, we can't see across the street for dense fog. It looks and feels like the moops. There have been some signs of spring, though. I wore sandals for the first time yesterday and the picture is of a tiny crocus blooming on the west side of the house. I'm surprised that the bunny didn't find it and eat it...they like those tender spring flowers. We hope to get the grill out today but I guess that will depend on the fog and damp. I have scallops and some ribs ready. That will be the last straw if I have to make meatloaf for dinner instead. Harrumph. Maybe we should just go to Hermie's to drink Grain Belt and play buck euchre.

We saw some great bluegrass music last night. A group called Hit and Run Bluegrass from Colorado played at the Bothy in Mankato. Amazing that you can hear such good music in such a small venue. There were less than a hundred people there and we paid fourteen dollars for a ticket. This is not your grandma's bluegrass music either. The website calls it hard drivin' and I guess it is. Some of the band members were very young...twenty-five years old. And the Bothy shows start early so we were home by 10:30. The problem with so many live music shows is that they don't start until 9 or after and we run out of steam by about 10. We've talked to a few people in bands, suggesting a set that starts at 5 or 6. Doesn't that make sense?

I finally got the St. Patrick's Day detritus put away. The Irish coffee mugs are stowed and the green shamrock glasses put in a box with the cookie cutters, green kitchen towels, and the table linens. Now I can get out the Easter lights and bunny rabbits. I love holidays. I'm thinking about my Easter menu and thinking that I'll do something simpler. Maybe scalloped potatoes in the crock pot with a spiral cut ham and rolls. And sugar cookies.

I found a website dedicated to holidays. What a surprise...there are probably ten thousand of them. Everybody's got a website, a blog, and a MySpace page. Regis said this morning that blogs have gone mainstream. Even the Dalai Lama has one. Today is Houdini Day, this being his birthday. The 22nd was Goof-Off Day and I'm really sorry I missed it.

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Anonymous said...

I'm sorry your day isn't going as planned, Teresa... Good luck with the scallops and ribs. If the grill doesn't fire up, you can always throw the scallops and ribs in a blender, sculpt the gloop into a loaf and pop it in the oven. Then dinner would at least be half as planned, right?!
Hang in there. Enjoy that little crocus growing in your yard.