Tuesday, March 27, 2007

No grousing today

I'm not going to rant or complain today. All sweetness and light. Regis sent me a piece out of Salon this morning that I enjoyed all day. It's about a chef and his restaurant in Minneapolis. The chef sounds like an amazing character and the restaurant must be a whole cast of characters. I can't put a link here because you have to be a member of Salon to read the whole thing, but here's a link to Hell's Kitchen. Well, hell, here's the link to the Salon article and you can rassle with it as you like. It's worth reading...very entertaining and...hopeful.
We're watching Blood Diamonds. More like Regis is watching it and I'm peaking at it from behind my hands. It's too much for me but Regis says it's a great story. If you have a taste for diamonds, this story will take care of that. I am a real wuss about movies. I don't like violence even if it's important to the story, I don't like horror or too much suspense, I don't like anything scary at all. I like movies about strange characters as you can tell if you look at my Netflix profile...a lot of transvestite stuff. Ha! At least they aren't killing each other.

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