Thursday, March 22, 2007

New Day

What a difference a sunny day makes in a guy's mood. Today was crisp and bright and beautiful. Busy...but with all this other, it was tolerable. It helped that Ella spent the afternoon and evening with us. What a funny little character. She's talking more now so when I started to get her out of the car to visit Betty, she said "Betty" and "Gonzo". Tom made fried potatoes and she loved them. She'd eat one and point at the bowl for more. We went to the library and Regis read to her and followed her around while I went to a meeting. She loves other little kids so she toddled after them dragging her pink blankie. When we got home, I gave her the Easter hat and purse that Grandma Shirley sent for her. I wish we had taken pictures but taking care of baby and all baby's stuff is a complete two-man job. No way we could manage a camera, too.
Just a little sports commentary. What's up with this Tubby Smith? How can anyone take seriously a grown man who lets himself be called Tubby? Of course, I could make a whole long list of men in this town who go by goofy nicknames they had in fifth grade...not mentioning any names. Maybe it's a man thing and what the hell anyway.

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