Saturday, March 24, 2007

More signs of spring

It's not like the day is a total loss. There have been more signs of spring even though the sky has not cleared and it has begun to rain. I found more crocus and a few daffodils hiding behind an evergreen bush. I went to Fred's Garden Center and bought a couple pots of pansies and a spring flag. The flag says Spring at Last but you really can't tell from the way the garden looks behind it. My goofy neighbor (he's from the South and must think things are the same here) got out his LAWNMOWER today and did that mulching thing to his grass. We still have a little snow, for God's sake. It's way too early for that and can't he just sit in a lawn chair and enjoy one day without depleting the ozone layer? What a pant load. He also cleaned the glass in his yard light which proves he has severe obsessive compulsive disorder. We, on the other hand, have not done one productive thing today. We went to the liquor store and bought lottery tickets. I put ribs in the oven. We had a beer in the yard. How white trash. While we were sitting outside having a beer in a lawn chair watching John deplete the ozone layer, we remembered when we had that big-ass patch of pampas grass in the garden. One day I went out to go to work and couldn't find my car. Regis was on the phone to the police to report it stolen and walked outside to see if there was broken glass. He found my car behind the pampas grass. Whoops.

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Karen1 from be said...

Now my ribs hurt. The pampas grass is hilarious.