Wednesday, March 28, 2007

James Bond

Loud piercing scream. If there is anything I hate more than football, it's James Bond movies but I felt like I owed Regis since I've made him watch so many transvestite movies lately. Casino Royale...thirty seconds into and there has already been a brutal murder on a high steel girder. Honestly, is this entertainment? The main character's name is Layer Cake. Really? she said sardonically. Sardonically being my current favorite word. Let me recall my blog post about Tubby Smith. Does this seem like a theme? I suppose Pussy Galore will be this movie, too, which would blow my theory, but aside from that, this just doesn't seem real...all of it including the names. When Tiffany was little she liked to watch the Roadrunner cartoons but she provided a running commentary of "that won't work" and "that would never happen". That's what I'm doing as this movie plays; shrieking, covering my eyes, making sarcastic comments, and saying "that won't work". Just like football.

Addendum: I just read the review again. The character's name is not Layer Cake. Oh, this is too funny. The dude who plays James Bond was in a movie called Layer Cake. But if I took that out of the previous paragraph I wouldn't get to use sardonic. Another thing I read in the review is that there's a scene where James Bond is tied up naked and beaten with a knotted rope. And this is rated PG-13? I can feel another rant coming on....

The transvestite movies we've watched are: Transamerica (actually a transexual movie), The Adventures of Priscilla: Queen of the Desert, and Kinky Boots. They're all very sweet stories about interesting characters who happen to be men who dress like women. Regis watched Blood Diamond last night. He gave it a 5 and said he really liked the story but there was a ton of bloody violence and the noise made my spine hurt.

I'll tell you a thing about Netflix. We subscribed in November, I think. We hadn't watched ten movies in the last five years and suddenly we had two coming at a time. We enjoyed it for a while but during the month of March decided that we would upgrade to three at a time. Watching movies became a chore and we'll be glad to go back to one at a time next week. Like Deb said, if I hear one more time that I have to watch a movie so we can send it back, I'll snap. I do like it because I can find all these interesting movies (about transvestites) that I'd never find at the video store downtown.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Teresa,
I just want to say that the picture of your family with the spoons is the heck did you do that?! You are a talented bunch.
I love it!