Wednesday, March 14, 2007

It's a Goat's Life and Duke

These goats are named Ginger Jones and Jules Jones. They live in Washington. I've always loved goats. I love thier funny little eyes with the slits that are vertical and their funny little faces. I've never really known a goat personally but have visited one at the Sibley Park Zoo (the phrase "smells like a goat" is no accidental turn of words) and always visit the ones at the Nicollet County Fair. I stumbled onto this blog that has great goat pictures and stories:

I saw my friend Mary today and she reminded me of the time I brought bread out to her house after her mom died. I had two loaves in a large Penney's shopping bag. As I got out of the car, Duke, her yellow lab came out of the garage to escort me into the house. Duke was really interested in what I had in the bag and kept sticking his head in to smell. Mary yelled at him and he would pull his head out for a second but he was right on my heels. As I went through the door into the house, Duke ripped the side of the bag and took off with a beautiful loaf of dark oatmeal bread. Mary and Al yelled for him to drop it and good bird dog that he is, he did. I scooped it up and dusted it off. Mary said Duke thought it was a duck so he didn't even leave a scratch. I'm sure the after-funeral guests didn't even notice a little dog spit on their bread.

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