Saturday, March 17, 2007

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Regis heard a broadcast from Ireland yesterday on MPR. Apparently they celebrate St. Patrick's Day but it's a tradition of parades and parties they've gotten from Americans. I guess they don't eat corned beef either. I borrowed a couple of Irish cookbooks from Tom. I'll say it isn't the most appealing looking food those folks eat.

It's a flurry around here. I made four loaves of bread last night and Regis and I frosted cut-out shamrock cookies. My usual pattern before a party of big dinner is to get nervous that I don't have enough...sure enough...Regis had to trek back to Mankato for another corned beef brisket. I'm sure we'll be eating corned beef hash and Ruben soup until the 4th of July, but at least we won't run out of food today.

The parades at 3 so some people are coming for a pre-parade Guinness. Pictures and stories later! And it's Tiffany's 22nd birthday tomorrow so we're going up to take her out to lunch and to deliver some presents. Happy birthday to my baby girl!


Anonymous said...

Teresa and Regis,

Not only was the food at your St. Pat's party out of this world, so was the blarney. The only thing missing was a leprechaun sighting...although Tom was a good substitute!

Jill and Larry

Anonymous said...

I had a great time at your party. Your food was certainly better tasting that want the Irish really eat! Happy Birthday Tiffany!!! You could have left off the picture of me on the bolg though. Joanne