Sunday, March 04, 2007

End of a long weekend

Tomorrow I will say hello again to the cold cruel world of work. My surprise four-day weekend is coming to an end much to my chagrin. I've enjoyed four days of sitting around in my flannel nightgown drinking coffee and watching the snow fall all morning, then wandering into the kitchen in a cooking frenzy for the afternoon. I'm tired of spending my days for the betterment of the education of youthful sex offenders. I'd like to have a job in a sunny but dusty little used bookstore with a cat and an easy chair. Is that too much to ask? It was a cosmic accident, really, that I have been unable to do this so far in my life. I think the error could be corrected if I were allowed to win the lottery soon. It only seems right.

I went to Mankato with Jill today. As usual, we talked so much and so fast that I was nearly short of breath when I got home. We didn't spend much, which is not usual. She had two small bags and I had one with some St. Patrick's Day paper plates and napkins. Target was a madhouse and we both felt the need to get the hell out of there. I think there was something strage going on with their ceiling fans which might mean that the roof was about to collapse. That made me nervous, too. (Could be one of my unreasonable fears...)

Regis will be leaving America's Mattress in about five minutes. Tomorrow he starts flying the friendly skies...oh, wait...that's United Airlines. He'll be working for those folks with attitude...NWA. He'll be home every night and every Saturday. Hurray!

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