Saturday, March 03, 2007

The day after the big snow

Regis went to work today and it only took him twenty minutes longer than usual. He has one more day to make that long drive.

I stuck my head out the back door when I let the dogs out and the snow is swirling around and making drifts. It's so bright you need sunglasses in the living room. All the cobwebs are lit up like Christmas ornaments! I might decide to venture out in the truck for more flour a little later. Got to make more bread, you know. I think what I made yesterday was some of my best. I like using starters and it seems like every loaf is a little different.

Peter made it home from Mexico at 4 a.m. Their flight was delayed because of weather so it was a long day of travel but he said they had a great time. Details to follow, but not all of them I'll bet.

I talked to Tiffany this morning, too. We sent her a package of CD's of music Regis found for her. We like to think we're not totally unhip when it comes to music but he said he hadn't heard of one of those bands. At first he thought maybe it was obscure urban music from bands with one CD...but no...some of the them had put out lots of music. How could this escape us? Have you heard of Cake or Diesel Boy? And why don't these bands have normal names like Freddie and the Dreamers or Herman's Hermits?

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