Thursday, March 01, 2007

The Big One

Well, this isn't exactly how I wanted these pictures to post. The first one is an amaryllis that Jill gave me for Christmas. I wasn't sure I had the horticultural skill to make this happen but it's beautiful and looks very tropical in the midst of our big snow.

The next picture is my garden bunny. He's quite tall (maybe 18 inches) but you can see he's almost buried and most certainly blinded by the snow. When I took the camera out it was snowing heavily and the lens got wet so it was pretty much point and shoot. The next picture shows the garden. The snow is past the seat on Edna's old metal lawn chair.

We had the neighbors, Mike and Erin, over for spaghetti and meatballs tonight...the magician and the physician. Very nice people. I wanted to ask him to make the dirty dishes disappear but I suppose he gets tired of magic jokes. They recommended a board game called Settlers of Catan. You can only buy it in chess stores. Chess stores? I didn't know they existed. Mike's last name is Callahan so he can be the token Irish at our St. Patrick's Day party.

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