Saturday, February 10, 2007


This dog does not even seem happy to be watching the Winterfest parade. Most people stayed inside their toasty cars...or if they were walking, they were so bundled up in winter gear that you couldn't see their faces. They had a hard time getting candy out of their plastic bags and their hands were too cold to toss in gently so they flung it in gobs. A guy could have gotten brain-damage from a frozen gumball.

The men with us were pansies and stayed in the bar to keep our table. Joanne, Kathy, and I went outside and stood in the cold to show our Winterfest spirit. I made it almost to the end but had to dash back in before the Govenaires (local drum corps) came by because I just couldn't stand the cold another minute. It was the usual 9-minute parade: a couple small bands, a few boats, a tractor, the firetrucks, the ambulance, and the queen candidates. There were a couple old ladies pushing babies in strollers. The babies were completely covered by blankets so I guess it could have been beer kegs they were pushing.

There are more festivities today: a pub crawl, a beer can invitational, a hairy legs contest, and a rock/paper/scissors contest. Our friend Bob Wright is going to do the polar bear plunge next weekend so we might have to go down to Hallett's Pond and take pictures of that. I suggested a physical exam before he's allowed to participate. Regis suggested a mental exam. I'll be sure to keep you updated on the latest news.

Here's what the Tribune says about the weather:

Tonight: 10th night in a row of subzero lows...coldest since Feb. 2003 when we experienced 9 nights/row of negative numbers. Daytime highs in the single digits.

Windchill advisory posted for northeastern MN where it may feel like -40 later tonight.

Stubborn, stalled pattern, jet stream winds howl from the northwest through much of next week, keeping us 15-20 degrees below average, no thaw possible until third week of February.

It was 13 below on our weather station this morning. Yesterday it was 19 below when I stopped for coffee on my way to work. I'm going to warm up the house today by making some food for Betty and Tom. Tom had his knee surgery on Tuesday so he's incapacitated and Betty doesn't cook. Tonight we're watching Ella while Bob and Em go bowling. That's all the news from Lake Wobegone.

Oh, I have a new job for next year. District Special Education Coordinator. And a raise. Yippee!

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