Monday, February 05, 2007

Super Bowl

Betty and I were doing last minute things at her house before the party and we asked Tom if he had one of those gambling things. No, he didn't want to do that, he said. Then Mark called and said of course, you have to have a board. He told us how to do it, so we wrote the numbers on little pieces of pink paper and sold them for five dollars each. We had one for the half-time score and one for the final score. I won 50 dollars on the half-time score with zero and Betty won 50 dollars on the final score with six. Ha! The irony is that you would probably have to go to Botswana to find two people who know less about football than the two of us.

We had a good time and the menu was great. Tom served chili dogs, chicken wings, and lots of other munchies. The chili dog recipe came from some dude on Food TV and it isn't actually chili at all but more of a combination of the condiments you might put on a hotdog. Reminded me of sloppy joe stuff. I made brownies, Joanne made Special K bars, Harvey brought his famous shrimp mold...lots of tastey food. A good time was had by all.

It's 12 below here this morning.


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