Sunday, February 25, 2007


Regis is out blowing snow. He never complains about it and I think he appreciates the chance to make that snow fly twenty feet in the air! We're sharing our snow blower with two neighbors; they pay for gas and provide maintenance and we supply the machine. It works for all of us. There isn't much more snow today. Regis thinks we got about 8 inches which is a far cry from the 18 they were predicting.

This doesn't look all that bad but it looks like more snow when it's blowing, if that makes any sense. Regis managed to get in my truck so the doors aren't frozen shut but I don't think I'll be driving it for a few days. (All the pictures I took of the snow were taken from the front step where I stood in my nightgown and slippers. Reminded me of the old Wild Kingdom shows where Marlin Perkins said, "I'll just stand here behind this tree while Jim wrestles the alligator." That still cracks me up.

We watched La Cage Aux Folles this afternoon. A couple reviewers on Netflix said it was better than The Birdcage but we didn't think so even though many of the gags were the same. Nathan Lane was so much funnier than the French guy. We have The Departed, which Regis will watch alone, and Mrs. Henderson Presents coming this week.

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