Sunday, February 04, 2007


Thse pictures are from today's local paper. The article says that many robins do head south for the winter, but some choose to ride a rough Minnesota winter out. The robins’ range extends well into Canada, so these birds that suddenly showed up in the area may be migrants moving southward only far enough to find a food source. The birds that linger can get along just fine on berries and fruits. Open areas near the Le Sueur River ensure adequate water and the trees, especially the dense boughs of the cedar trees growing in the surrounding ravines, evidently are providing roosting cover. Hard to believe any birds could survive this cold. We had brutal windchills again during the night.

We're going to a Super Bowl party today at Betty and Tom's. I'm not fond of football but Betty says we can stay upstairs and play games and watch Mike's program at 6. I am kind of interested in the two coaches. How I know about Tony Dungy is a mystery...did he live in Minnesota once? Has he written any books? And I like the other guy's name, Lovey Smith. Isn't that sweet? So that is the extent of my football knowledge.

The brownies that I made yesterday were good. Regis and I had one for dessert with a mudslide martini while we watched Waking Ned Devine. Great movie if you haven't seen it. that reminded me that we have unchecked lottery tickets in my purse. The next time you hear from us, we could be in Jamaica!


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