Monday, February 26, 2007

News Items

There may be some less personal details (the signature) on our blog lately. I started a work-related blog and it's hard to have one set of details for one and another for the other. I just hope I hope I don't mix up the other stuff and write about the nude tequilla parties in our hot tub on the special education review site.

Now, what was the other thing? Oh, yeah. I enabled the comment thing. I didn't think anyone read our blog so it didn't matter. Now that I know we are so widely read, we would love to hear what our public thinks.

And don't you love that poem by Robin Sarah over there? Riveted?


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Anonymous said...

Shoot the dog and you will once again be happy. Get one you can put in your pocket. They just piddle a tiny bit and don't know enough to lift their leg. George knows enough to go to the bathroom.